Volume 08, No. 01, July 2020

Acoustic Emission testing and utilization of polymer cement mortar mixed
with steel fiber to repair cracks in buildings


Volume 07, No. 01, January 2018

Gauss Integration based approach for the Establishment of Top Flow Line and Seepage Analysis in Homogeneous Earth Embankment Dams
Mrunal A. Patki, D. M. Dewaikar, B. G. Mohapatra

Performance Evaluation of Bituminous Mixes with Waste Concrete Aggregate
Md. Masud Rana , Atika Hossain Akhi , Gazi Md. Sharfaraz Imam Azad

Volume 07, No. 02, April 2018

Prediction of unconfined compressive strength and split tensile strength of Kaolin stabilized with cement, rice husk ash and pond ash
Deepak Gupta , Arvind Kumar, Akash Priyadarshee

Analytical Evaluation of Thermal Stresses in Functionally Graded Material Plates using First Order Shear Deformation Theory (FSDT)
Sangeetha D. M., Naveen Kumar D. T., Prakash K. E.

Volume 07, No. 03, July 2018

Study on Influence of Salinity in Gurupura Estuary Sand on Durability of Reinforced Cement Concrete
K. E. Prakash, Raveesha P, B. T. Suresh Babu

Optimization of Reinforced Concrete Space Frame Buildings Using Modified Complex Method of Box
Waqar Ahmad, Bashir Alam, Muhammad Fahad, Sajjad Wali Khan

Volume 07, No. 04, October 2018

Predrilled Holes for Pile Support of Skewed Integral Abutment Bridges
Amde M. Amde, Rabih Najib, Andreas Paraschos
A Study on Screw Fastened Profile Steel Sheet Subjected to Simulated Uplift Load
S. M. Zahurul Islam, B. Ahmed, H. Rahman, M. W. Alam

Volume 06, No. 01, January 2017

Assessment of Structural Behaviour of Precast Profiled Concrete Panels for use as Floor Slabs in Residential Buildings
Kashif Amin, Bashir Alam, Khan Shahzada

Behaviour of steel concrete composite columns under lateral load
R. Thirumalai, S. Gobinath, K. S. Deva Prasanth, P. Gowtham, S. Gowtham Kumar

Elevating the Effect of Temperature on Compressive and Tensile Strength of Concrete with Admixture
Md. Shamim Al Razib, Faysal Ibna Rahman, Mahmudul Hussain

Slope failure near Havelian in Northern Pakistan: Analysis and stabilization using ceramic dust
Fazal-e-Jalal, Ahsan Naseem, Muhammad Hussain, Malik Kashan Tariq

Influence of recycled aggregates and salt environment on concrete compressive strength
Mohammad Raihan Mukhlis, Md. Rashadul Hoque, Md. Tarequl Alam

Identification and Characterization of expansive soil near Railway Station Kohat, KPK, Pakistan
Ijaz Ur Rehman, Khalid Mahmood

Effect of Mesh Size of floor slab against lateral loads while using Etabs program
Md. Mahmud Sazzad, Md. Samdani Azad, Md. Tariqul Islam, Faysal Ibna Rahman

Volume 06, No. 02, April 2017

Lateral strength and safety evaluation of piers of Kadamtali flyover in Chittagong, Bangladesh
Mohammad Raihan Mukhlis, Md. Abdur Rahman Bhuiyan

Seismic Evaluation and effect of shear wall of high-rise buildings using drift control
Abdul Qadir Bhatti

Capacity Assessment of Confined Brick Masonry Structures
Imad Ahmad, H. Asfandyar Ahmad, Bashir Alam, Muhammad Ayub, Khan Shahzada

Strengthening of Slope by using Banyan Tree as Biotechnological Improvement
Md. Kumruzzaman, Niloy Samadder, S. M. Anisul Islam

Effect of Clay Blanket and Chimney Filter against Seepage Failure
Md. Mahmud Sazzad, Md. Mainur Rahman

Seismic Slope Stability Analysis of Mahananda River Embankment in Bangladesh
Rubieyat Bin Ali, Md. Mofizul Islam, Bijoy Sikder, Md. Abdul Alim

Strength and Physical Characteristics of Concrete having Coconut Shells as a Replacement of Coarse Aggregates
Syed Azmat Ali Shah, Ishtiaq Alam, Hazrat Omer, Mushtaq Ahmad Jan

Volume 06, No. 03, July 2017

Simulation of the Behavior of Granular Materials for Varying Void Ratios using DEM
Md. Mahmud Sazzad, Md. Ahsan Habib

Soil-Structure Interaction Effects on Seismic Behaviour of Base-Isolated Nuclear Power Plants
Shafayat Bin Ali, Dookie Kim

Effect of Obstacle Material Type on Local Scour

Bintul Huda Mir, Mohd Akbar Lone, Javaid Ahmad Bhat

Volume 06, No. 04, October 2017

Design criteria of round shape filters for cohesion-less bases
Nasir Ahmad Rather, Mohd Akbar Lone, Abdul Qayoom Dar

Effects of Openings at Different Location on Lateral Stiffness and Strength of Infilled RC Frame: A Review
Shabbir Ahmad, Syed Azmat Ali Shah, Ishtiaq Alam, Johar Hafeez, Khan Shahzada

Predicting the Settlement in Raft and Piled-Raft Foundations using neural models
Vikas Kumar, Arvind Kumar

Volume 05, No. 01, January 2016

Studies on neutron transmission characteristics of self- compacting concrete
B.H.V. Pai, M. Nandy, K. V. Subbaiah, P. K. Sarkar

Probabilistic Slope Stability Analysis of Landslide at Abbottabad Pakistan
Khalid Mahmood

The effect of damping ratio of the dampers on the effectiveness of MTMD in suppressing the response of multi – storey space frame structure
Kiran K. Shetty, Gopinatha Nayak, Dhanalakshmi

On the deflection of window glass subjected to lateral forces
Muhammad Tayyab Naqash

Seismic response of a structure retrofitted with fluid viscous dampers in core wall – An analytical study
Avinash A. R., Sachin Kuckian, Mohamed Parvez, Kiran Kamath

Effects of Retrofitting and Re-Strengthening of Buildings in Kabul City Land Use and Master Plan
Rahumullah Habibzai, Mitsuhiro Shigeishi

Influence of properties of coarse aggregates on self compacting concrete mixes

Kiran Bhat P., Shreelaxmi Prashanth, Dhanalakshmi

Modeling the Behavior of Granular Materials under Plane Strain Compression by 3D DEM
Md. Mahmud Sazzad, Ripon Kumer Shaha, Md. Shehabul Islam

Volume 05, No. 02, April 2016

Experimental investigation of the mechanical properties of Engineered Cementitious Composites (ECC)
Mustafa Kamal, Sajjad Wali Khan, Khan Shahzada, Muhammad Alam

Evaluating the response of Rajshahi city protection embankment, Bangladesh under seismic load
Md. Mahmud Sazzad, Faysal Ibna Rahman, Md. Abdullah Al Mamun

High volume fly ash-strength development in concrete: a review
Muhammad Ikram

Response of Rajshahi city protection embankment, Bangladesh due to the variation of water-level by FEM
Md. Mahmud Sazzad, Faysal Ibna Rahman, Md. Samdani Azad

Study on the behavior of soft soil reinforced with rice husk ash
Mahmudul Hasan Mizan, Md. Mahmudul Hasan

Analytical study on reinforced concrete beam column joint wrapped with CFRP

Nagumalli Kedar Nath, T. M. Jeyashree

Volume 05, No. 03, July 2016

Comparative study of seismic analysis of multistory buildings with shear walls and bracing systems
Md. Samdani Azad, Syed Hazni Abd Gani

Effect of Pre-compression and Mortar Ratios on the In-Plane Shear Strength of Unreinforced Brick Masonry
Naveed Ali, Muhammad Ashraf, Haris Alam, Fasih Ahmed Khan

Stability analysis of reinforcement slope using FEM
Md. Mahmud Sazzad, A. B. K. M. Atful Hie, Md. Saddam Hossain

Experimental investigation of 3D-steel frame with bracings under dynamic loading

N. Jeevan, K.V. Mahesh Chandra, B. S. Kartheek

Potential applications of marble dust in industrial use by characterization techniques – a review
Manpreet Singh, Anshuman Srivastava, Dipendu Bhunia

Recent developments in utilizing waste tires to reduce seismic earth pressures and liquefaction potential
Ravi Kant Mittal, Gourav Gill

Volume 05, No. 04, October 2016

Investigation of sub grade properties of G. T. Road, Pir Pyai Area
Muhammad Ali Safdar, Fazli Wahab, Umer Ammar Mahmood

Assessment of Sub-Soil Geotechnical Properties for Foundation Design in Part of Reclaimed Lekki Pennisula, Lagos, Nigeria
Faseki, Oluyemi Emmanuel, Olatinpo, Olusegun Ayobami, Oladimeji, Akinsile Richard

Evaluation of the Response of Rajshahi City Protection Embankment, Bangladesh under Variation of Water-Level by LEM
Md. Mahmud Sazzad, Faysal Ibna Rahman, Md. Samdani Azad

Reparability of Reinforced Concrete Special Moment Resisting Beams
Muhammad Rashid, Naveed Ahmad

Rehabilitation of Full Scale Brick Masonry Cavity Wall Building
Zarif Khan, Amjad Naseer, Muhammad Ashraf, Eid Badshah

Volume 04, No. 01, January 2015

Determining the Sensitivity of Rainfall- Runoff Model using Artificial Neural Network Approach
Chandre G. C., Mayya S. G.

Effect of Sugar on Setting-time and Compressive Strength of Ordinary Portland Cement Paste
Suman Rana

Strength studies on self curing High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete (HPFRC)
Shibin C. Haroon, V. Sreevidya, R. Venkatasubramani

Nonlinear Finite Element Bending Analysis of Composite Cylindrical Panels
S. N. Patel

Building cracks – causes and remedie
Grishma Thagunna

A Case study on the structural design of honey comb core metal panel
Muhammad Tayyab Naqash

Development of Seismic Hazard Map for Shigo Kas Hydropower Project Area Considering Local Site Effects
Muhammad Abid, Khan Shahzada, Muhammad Fahad, Mujahid Khan, Khan Zeb

Geochemical Evaluation of an estuary environment – A case study on Udyavara Estuary South West Coast of Udupi, India
B. S. Maddodi, H. N. Udaya Shankara, B. R. Raghavan

Bagasse ash utilization as viscosity modifying agent to produce an economical self compacting concrete
Usman Amjad, Syed Azmat Ali Shah, Zeeshan Ahad

Identification of blackspots for safe commuting using weighted severity index and GIS
Pavan R. Vyas, Madan L. Honnappanavar, H. B. Balakrishna

Mechanical Properties of Brick Masonry Cavity Walls
Syed Azmat Ali Shah, Amjad Naseer

Finite element analysis of box culvert
A. C. Lande, S. K. Kamane, S. A. Mahadik

Strengthening and evaluation of reinforced concrete beams for flexure by using external steel
Akhtar Gul, Bashir Alam, Yasir Irfan Badrashi, Khan Shahzada, Fayaz Ahmad Khan

Volume 04, No. 02, April 2015

Optimizing mix proportions for Reactive Powder Concrete (RPC) and investigating the compressive strength
Faizan Akbar, Fawad Bilal, Zahoor Shah, Shams ul Khaliq

Analysis of elevated water storage structure using different stagging system
G. P. Deshmukh, Ankush S. Patekhede

Experimental Study of Behavior of Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beams
Haider Ali, Amjad Naseer, Sajjad Wali Khan, Fazli Wahab, Waqas Arshad Tanoli

Improvement of subgrade CBR value by using Bagasse ash & Eggshell powder
B. Ahmed, A. Rahman, J. Das

Use of Rubber as Aggregate in Concrete: A Review
Ishtiaq Alam, Umer Ammar Mahmood, Nouman Khattak

Structural Design Proposal for the Le Boulevard Skylight Doha Qatar
Muhammad Tayyab Naqash

Developing an Economized Normal Strength Concrete by Incorporating Bagasse Ash as Partial Replacement of Cement
Muhammad Omer Tariq, Usman Amjad, Syed Azmat Ali Shah

Pre-saturated Sawdust as a source of Internal curing in high performance concrete
Iftikhar Azim, Bazid Khan, Shams-Ul-Islam, Sikandar Hayat Sajid

Macro and Micro Responses of Granular Materials under Plane Strain Compression by 3D DEM
Md. Mahmud Sazzad, Ripon Kumer Shaha, Md. Shehabul Islam, Sayera Kawsari

Volume 04, No. 03, July 2015

Structural design of pergola with airfoil louvers
Muhammad Tayyab Naqash

Experimental Investigation of CFRP wrapped low and normal strength concrete cylinders
Muhammad Hussain, Rana Faisal Tufail, Zia-ur-Rehman, Sidra Waheed

Potential applicability of mesh–free method using penalty approach
Muthu Vijay P., Nandakishore, Bhavana Patel, K. S. Babunarayan

Characteristics of low plastic clay contaminated by industrial effluents
Azhar Shehzad, Ammad Hassan Khan, Zia ur Rehman

Assessment of compressive strength of concrete based on combination of different sizes of aggregate
B. Ahmed, M. Rahman

Strength studies on self curing High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete (HPFRC)
Shibin C. Haroon, V. Sreevidya, R. Venkatasubramani

FEM based Seepage Analysis through Earth Dam
Md. Mahmud Sazzad, Mrinmoy Roy, Md. Saidur Rahman

Development of Live Load Calibration Factor for State Highway Bridge Design of Pakistan
Sabaa Shoaib, Liaqat A. Qureshi, Muhammad Fahad

A study on treated recycled coarse aggregate to achieve different concrete target strength
Tafsirojjaman, M. O. Imam

Effect of bacteria on strength of concrete
Ravindranatha, Likhit M. L., Udayashankar H. N., Suhas S. Vokunnaya

Utilization of waste glass powder as a partial replacement of cement in concrete
Fasih Ahmed Khan, Muhammad Fahad, Khan Shahzada, Haris Alam, Naveed Ali

Internal Curing in High Performance Concrete
Iftikhar Azim, Sikandar Hayat Sajid, Muhammad Umar, Muhammad Usman Khan

Performance Evaluation of Flexible Pavement against Rutting
Muhammad Hussain, Zia ur Rehman, Yousaf Ali

Seismic response of base isolated structure versus fixed based structure during strong ground motions
Haris Alam, Muhammad Fahad, Khan Shahzada, Naveed Ali, Fasih Ahmed Khan

Volume 04, No. 04, October 2015

Calibration factors for aashto lrfd and pakistan code of practice for highway bridges based on statistically analyzed wim loads
Hafiz Ullah, Muahammad Fahad, Khan Shahzada, Faizan Akbar

Performance evaluation of waste PVC modified bitumen
Usman Ghani, Waqas Arshad Tanoli

Cyclic Shear Response of Fraser River Sand using Cyclic Ring Shear
Muhammad Safdar, Khalid Mahmood

Stability analysis of slopes with surcharge by LEM and FEM
Md. Moniruzzaman Moni, Md. Mahmud Sazzad

Wave Penetration Modelling Inside A Marina
M. Salauddin, R.M.R.M Jayathilaka, C. A. Rey Velasco

Effect of building shape on the response to wind and earthquake
Md. Mahmud Sazzad, Md. Samdani Azad

Strength aspect of concrete using stone dust as a partial replacement of sand
Md. Nuruzzaman, Md. Saiful Islam, M. Salauddin, Md. Saiful Islam

Design optimization of cantilever retaining wall using direct optimal design simulation
Umer Ammar Mahmood, Bashir Alam

Volume 03, No. 01, January 2014

Study on the fundamental period of vibration of steel moment resisting frames
Muhammad Tayyab Naqash

Influence of Fibres on Fresh and Hardened Properties of Self-Curing Concrete
S. Jemin Joel, S. Varatharajan, D. Maruthachalam, S. Antony Jeyendran

Optimization of Molarity on Workable Self-Compacting Geopolymer Concrete and Strength Study on SCGC by Replacing Flyash with Silica fume and GGBFS
R. Anuradha, R. Bala Thirumal, P. Naveen John

Assessment of engineering properties of locally available light weight aggregates used in concrete
Zain ul Abidin, Bashir Alam, Salman Afzal

Influence of Fibers in Strength Characteristics of Ferro-Geopolymer Mortar
Sabna J, Thanush Thampi, V. Sreevidya

Experimental Investigation on High Performance Concrete with Partial Replacement of fine aggregate by Foundry Sand with cement by Mineral Admixtures
M. Ranjitham, B. Piranesh, A. Vennila

A study on the Mechanical Properties of Concrete with partial replacement of Fine aggregate with Sugarcane bagasse ash
Shafana T., Venkatasubramani R.

Influence of Hybrid Fiber on Reinforced Concrete
Selina Ruby G., Geethanjali C., Jaison Varghese, Muthu Priya P.

Behaviour of Interlocking Concrete Block Pavement Over Stone Dust Grouted Sub base
Haradhan Sarkar, Printal Chandra Halder, T. L. Ryntathiang

California bearing ratio of expansive subgrade stabilized with waste materials
C. Rajakumar, T. Meenambal, P. D. Arumairaj

Studies on the utilization of quarry dust to improve the geotechnical properties of lithomargic clay
Purushotham G. Sarvade, Sitaram Nayak

Strength study of high volume fly ash concrete with fibres
Jo Jacob Raju, Jino John

Effect of mineral admixtures on durability properties of concrete
K. Gurunaathan, G. S. Thirugnanam

Volume 03, No. 02, April 2014

Effect on permeability and shear strength with the variation of grain size of sand
Sohana Afreen, Md. Abul Bashar

Strength study on fiber reinforced self-compacting concrete with fly ash and GGBFS
Muthupriya P., Manjunath N. V., Keerdhana B.

Calibration and Validation of Numerical Models through Experimental Tests
Muhammad Tayyab Naqash, Giuseppe Brando, Gianfranco De Matteis

Experimental Investigation on the Behaviour of CHS Short Columns Strengthened using FRP Composites under Compression
Sundarraja M. C., Shanmugavalli B.

Comparison of the cost of circular column with rectangular column for similar loading condition
Abdullah Al Mamun

Strength Studies on Geopolymer Mortar for Ferro Geopolymer Water Tank
Thanush Thampi, Sreevidya V., Venkatasubramani R.

An Experimental Study on the Strength of Mortar due to Filler Effect of Pozzolanic Materials
M. N. N. Khan, M. Jamil, A. B. M. A. Kaish, M. F. M. Zain, M. R. Karim

An Overview of Interface Behaviour between Concrete to Concrete
Aysha H., Ramsundar K. R., Arun M., Velrajkumar G.

Performance of admixture soil as a bottom liner of landfill
Choton M. Mahmud, Muhammed Alamgir

Investigating the possibility of using clay and fly ash for enhanced strength of geopolymer mortar
Aswini K. B., Manjula Devi S., Senthilkumar S.

Investigation of highway geometric problems and remedial measures in Rajshahi city corporation area, Bangladesh
Md. Abdullah Al Imran, Bulbul Ahmed, Md. Khairuzzaman Bhuiyan

Experimental investigation on strength aspects of internal curing concrete using super absorbent polymer
Vivek Hareendran, Poornima V., Velrajkumar G.

Study on the salinity and pH and its effect on geotechnical properties of soil in south-west region of Bangladesh
Rahanuma Tajnin, Tabassum Abdullah, Md. Rokonuzzaman

Optimization of fully replacement of natural sand by M-sand In high performance concrete with nanosilica
A. Jayarama, V. Senthil Kumar

Study on reinforcement corrosion in high performance concrete under pre-loading condition
Abu Zakir Morshed, Hasan Ahmed Kazmee, Mohammad Zahidul Islam

Optimization of Truss Structures using cuckoo search algorithm
Jayanthi V., Manigandan M., Velrajkumar G., Saravanan M.

Computer aided analysis and design of a counterfort retaining wall
Md. Shams Adnan, Md. Keramat Ali Molla, Abu Zakir Morshed

Strength study on high volume fly ash concrete
Jino John, M. Ashok

Performance of recycled waste concrete and its applicability in construction industry
Fatima Naznin, Mossa Farhana Jesmin, Muhammad Harunur Rashid, Md. Mafuzur Rahaman

Study on some physical and strength characteristics of cement stabilized soil
Md. Asiful Islam, Masum Shaikh, Md. Keramat Ali Molla

Geotechnical properties of mine tailings – a laboratory study
Manjunatha L. S., Sunil B. M.

Improved neutron-based system for NDE of salt contamination and moisture in historic masonry
Amde M. Amde, Richard A. Livingston

Alkali-activated binder systems for pavement quality concrete using dredged marine sand as fine aggregate
Manjunatha S. B., Ravishankar A. U., and Narasimhan M. C.

Volume 03, No. 03, July 2014

Study on meteorological data and consumptive irrigation requirement for four Upazilas in Rajshahi
M. K. Bhuiyan, B. Ahmed, M. A. A. Imran

Flexural Behaviour of Corner Beam–Column Joint with and without Slab Under Cyclic Loading in RC Framed Structures
Revathi R., Srisanthi V. G.

Effect of aggregate shape on the strength of bituminous mixes
Abu Zakir Morshed, Quazi Sazzad Hossain

Statistical evaluation of bearing capacity of Khulna sub-soil
Rajib Banik, Nazma Khatun, Masum Shaikh, Md. Keramat Ali Molla

Geo textile – A Tremendous invention of geo technical engineering
Md. Eanamul Haque Nizam, Subrata Chandra Das

Cost optimization of column
S. Bari, A. A. Mamun

Pile capacity in Khulna sub-soil
Muhaimenul Alam Fiaz, Masum Shaikh, Md. Keramat Ali Molla

Utilization of rice husk as an effective sub surface drainage material
A. H. Patil, Akshay R. Shirsat, Rushikesh A. Phadke, Akshay A. Mohire,
Ganesh H. Junawane, Navanath N. Hake, Harshal Lunkad

Development of strength and compressibility correlations of cohesive soils of some regions in Khulna city
Masum Shaikh, Md. Kamrul Ahsan, Md. Keramat Ali Molla

Analysis of Factors Causing Schedule Delay in Construction Projects in Bangladesh
Rahman Md. Mizanur, Lee Young Dai, Ha Duy Khanh

Effect of induced vibration on fresh concrete
Rezoana Islam, Mir Abdul kuddus, Shaolin Ferdousi, Tabassum Mohsin

Experimental study on effect of Colloidal nano SiO2 and fly ash addition on Properties of cement Mortar
V. R. Rathi, C. D. Modhera

Comparison of wind load among BNBC and other codes in different type of areas
R. M. Faysal

Probabilistic Risk Evaluation of RC Building – Comparison of Modeling Approaches
Vimal Chaudhary, K. S. Babu Narayan

Statistical analysis of leachate characteristics in pilot scale landfill lysimeter
Md. Kamrul Ahsan, Masum Shaikh, Islam M. Rafizul, Muhammed Alamgir

Optimal Design of Simply Supported Prestressed Concrete Girders using Direct Optimization Technique
Muhammad Afaq Khalid, Bashir Alam, Muhammad Rizwan, Abdul Rehman

Applications of fiber reinforced polymer composites (FRP) in civil engineering
Subrata Chandra Das, Md. Enamul Haque Nizam

Volume 03, No. 04, October 2014

Soft soil improvement by cement column
Md. Kamrul Ahsan, Md. Istiaq Hossain, Masum Shaikh, Muhammed Alamgir

Durability study on high volume fly ash concrete with and without fibre for pavements
S. Antony Jeteandran, S. Kathirvel

Socioeconomic characteristics of travel behavior in Khulna Metropolitan City, Bangladesh
M. A. Rahman, S. A. Ali, Q. S. Hossain

Experimental Investigation on Air-cured Alkali Activated GGBFS-Fly ash Concrete Mixes
Nitendra Palankar, Ravi Shankar A. U., Mithun B. M.

Foundation system adopted to construct building in and around KUET campus of the Bangladesh
Md. Assaduzzaman, Md. Rafizul Islam, Muhammed Alamgir

Load test on post tensioned pre-stressed concrete gantry supporting girder
K. Gurunaathan, G. S. Thirugnanam

FEM simulation of the viscous effects of loading rate on Albany sand
Abu Hena Muntakim, Mohammed Saiful Alam Siddiquee

Fly Ash-based Geopolymer Concrete
B. Vijaya Rangan

Effect of sample size on the macro and micro-scale behavior of granular materials using 3D DEM
Md. Mahmud Sazzad, Md. Gauhor Mahmood, Bidduth Kumar Mondol

SSI Analysis of RC Buildings of Various Shear Wall Shapes – A comparative study of various international seismic code provisions
Chinmayi H. K., Jayalekshmi B. R.

Application of capacity spectrum method based on ATC 40 and BNBC 1993
Ram Krishna Mazumder, Mehedi Ahmed Ansary

Study of Different Techniques in Design of Earthquake Resistant Structures
Suchitro Basu, Swagato Das, Purnachandra Saha

Application of sodium silicate-cement grout to enhance the liquefaction resistance and dynamic properties of sandy soil
To Anh Vu Phan

Water Content Effect on Shear Strength Parameters in Coir Fiber Reinforced Pilani Soil
Kamalesh Kumar, Gada Vivek

Effect of steel fibres on flexural and compressive strength of concrete
S. A. Mahadik, S. K. Kamane, A. C. Lande

Effect of Steel Fibers on Compressive and Tensile Strength of Concrete
Waqas Arshad Tanoli, Amjad Naseer, Fazli Wahab

Characterization of hybrid structural components
Md. Refat Ahmed Bhuiyan

Testing of CFRP Retrofitted RC Circular Hollow Bridge Column under Seismic Demand
Ahsan Ali, Syed Muhammad Ali, Muhammad Taimur Khan, Asif Ali, Shahzad Rehman

Volume 02, No. 01, January 2013

Evaluating the Effect of Bentonite on Strength and Durability of High Performance Concrete
Junaid Akbar, Bashir Alam, Muhammad Ashraf, Salman Afzal, Asfandyar Ahmad, Khan Shahzada

An Investigation on Confined Fiber Reinforced High Strength Concrete Beams in Flexure
Ch. Rambabu, T. Chandra Sekhar Rao, N. V. Ramana Rao

Mitigating Sulphate Attack in High Performance Concrete
Bashir Alam, Salman Afzal, Junaid Akbar, Muhammad Ashraf, Khan Shahzada, Muhammad Ejaz Shabab

In-situ stress measurements for confirming the influence of topography on orientation of desilting chamber – a case study
D. S. Subrahmanyam

Optimal Geometry of Pin-Jointed Plane frames using a Hybrid Complex Method
Bashir Alam, M. I. Haque, Qaisar Ali, Khan Shahzada, Syed Mohammad Ali, Afzal Khan, Muhammad Ibrahim

Earthquake resistance of structures using dampers – A Review
K. Krishne Gowda, K. K. Kiran

Increasing the sustainability of concrete by using Super Plasticizers – A Study
Syed Allah Bakash, B. Krishna Reddy

Influence of Treated Water on the Early Age Autogenous Shrinkage of Cement Paste
Md. Rokon Hasan, Muhammad Harunur Rashid, S M Arifur Rahman, Salma Alam

Volume 02, No. 02, April 2013

Experimental Studies on Strength and Durability of Mortars Containing Pozzolonic Materials
C. M. Ravikumar, Sreenivasa M.B., K. Abdul Raheem, M. H. Prashanth, M. Vijay Sekhar Reddy

Investigation of Styrofoam as Lightweight Aggregate
Bashir Alam, Zahid Ullah, Faheem Ullah Jan, Khan Shahzada, Salman Afzal

Influence of stone dust as partially replacing material of cement and sand on some mechanical properties of mortar
Tasnia Hoque, Muhammad Harunur Rashid, Md. Rokon Hasan, Ebna Forhad Mondol

Adoption of Structural Soil and Water Conservation Technologies by Small holder farmers in Adama Wereda, East Shewa, Ethiopia
Tesfaye Gebre, Zerihun Mohammed, Menfese Taddesse, S. Chenchu Narayana

Measuring specific heat of normal strength concrete and the comparison of the specific heat with different types of concrete
S. M. Abdullah Al Faruq, Md. Alamin, Md. Rokon Hasan, Md. Tozammel Haque, Salma Alam

Stabilization of Clayey Soil using Cement Kiln Waste
Y. Keerthi, P. Divya Kanthi, N. Tejaswi, K. Shyam Chamberlin, B. Satyanarayana

Volume 02, No. 03, July 2013

Effect of diaphragm on the foundations of building structures with steel seismic base isolators
Abbas Haghollahi, Omid Ghiami Ardabili, Amir Tarighat

Hydrological and Hydraulic Study of Bridges and Culverts
Nouman Khattak, Salman Afzal, Syed Azmat Ali Shah, Muhammad Ejaz Shabab, Navid Ahmad

Effect of Saline Water on the Flexural Performance of Ferrocement Wall Panel
Milon K. Howlader, M. H. Rashid, Zahangir Alam

Combined effect of Bentonite and Silica Fume properties of High Performance Concrete
Junaid Akbar, Bashir Alam, Muhammad Ashraf

Behaviour of Infill Walls under Lateral Loads in Reinforced Concrete Frames – A Review
Syed Azmat Ali Shah, Khan Shahzada, Salman Afzal, Muhammad Ejaz Shabab, Nouman Khattak

Construction management practices for demolition and renovation of structure in south-west region of Bangladesh: A Case Study
M. Jobaer Hasan, M. Yeasin Mostafiz, M. J. Hossain

Volume 02, No. 04, October 2013

Farmers’ perceptions’ and participation on Mechanical soil and water conservation techniques in Kembata Tembaro Zone: the Case of Kachabirra Woreda, Ethiopia
Debebe Weldemariam, Melaku Kebede, Menfese Taddesse, Tesfaye Gebre

Significance of Silt Content and Void Ratio on the Hydraulic Conductivity of Sand-Silt Mixtures
S. M. Rezwan Hossain, Md. Abdul Qaiyum Talukder, Shariful Islam, Md. Rafiue Islam

Effective Utilization of High Volume Flyash with Light Weight Aggregate in Concrete for Construction Industry
S. Lokesh, M. G. Ranjith Kumar, S. Loganathan

Effect of mineral admixtures on the properties of mass concrete – A review
Muhammad Ejaz Shabab, Khan Shahzada, Muhammad Ashraf, Muhammad Fahad

Comparison properties corresponding to recycling and fresh concrete
Md. Alamin, Md. Shofiqul Islam, Md. Khalakuzzaman Molla, Saiful Islam Sharker, S.M

Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing building in Islamabad using Nonlinear Static Analysis
Zeeshan Alam, Abbas Haider, A. Q. Bhatti

Prediction Model for Skin Friction and Tip Bearing Capacity of Bored Piles by FEM
Gurdeepak Singh, B. S. Walia

Utilization of Waste Sawdust Ash in Stabilization of Soil
Shaheer Khan K., Haziq Khan

Volume 01, No. 01, July 2012

Investigation of Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Light Weight Brick
Hassan Khan, Zaigham Ali, Amjad Naseer, Khan Shahzada, Shahid Ali, Syed Shahan Ali

Effects of Fibrillated Polypropylene Fibers on Plain Cement Concrete Composites
Vikrant S. Vairagade, Kavita S. Kene

Strengthening of Brick Masonry Walls Against Earthquake Loading
Khan Shahzada, Muhammad Javed, Bashir Alam, Mansoor Khan, Zaigham Ali, Hassan Khan, Syed Shahan Ali Shah

Sulphate Attack in High-Performance Concrete – A Review
Bashir Alam, Muhammad Ashraf, Khan Shahzada, Salman Afzal, Kaffayatullah Khan

Autogenous Shrinkage in High-Performance Concrete – A Review
Salman Afzal, Khan Shahzada, Muhammad Ashraf, Bashir Alam, Kaffayatullah Khan

Cost Optimization of Combined Footings Using Modified Complex Method of Box
Muhammad Rizwan, Bashir Alam, Faisal ur Rehman, Noreema Masud, Khan Shahzada, Tabinda Masud

Study on Performance Evaluation of Adhesive Used for Cracks Injection in Concrete
Anwar Shah, Qaisar Ali, Bashir Alam, Khan Shahzada, Arsalan Khan

Volume 01, No. 02, October 2012

Conceptualization of role of shearing stress in understanding Earthquake mechanism
Umesh Prasad Verma, P. Hollis Watts, Amitabh Sharma

Study on the Geotechnical Properties of Cement based Composite Fine-grained Soil
Grytan Sarkar, Md. Rafiqul Islam, Muhammed Alamgir, Md. Rokonuzzaman

Retrofitting of brick masonry columns by ferocementing
Khan Shahzada, Bashir Alam, Muhammad Javed, Zaigham Ali, Hasan Khan, Syed Shahan Ali Shah

Suggesting an empirical formula for Indian code of precast concrete on the maximum and minimum diaphragm forces in high seismicity
Bhruti Sharma

Stress concentrations in single walled carbon nanotube reinforced metal and polymer composites under uniaxial loading
S A S P Sathurusinghe, W M N A P B Herath, H A R Subhashini, K R B Herath

Engineering assessment of coarse aggregates used in Peshawar
Muhammad Ayub, Qaisar Ali, Khan Shahzada, Amjad Naseer, Muhammad Shoaib, Umair Ayub

Sensitivity of Pushover Analysis to Design Parameters-An Analytical Investigation
Ajay Goudar, Shilpa Koti, K. S. Babunarayan

Study on Performance Evaluation of Adhesive Anchors in Concrete
Anwar Shah, Qaisar Ali, Bashir Alam, Khan Shahzada, Rawid Khan, Naveed Ahmad

Performance of Pre-Wetted Sawdust as a source of Internal Curing of Concrete
Bashir Alam, Zahid Ullah, Faheem Ullah Jan, Khan Shahzada, Salman Afzal

Analysis of Composite Beams using Method of Initial Functions
Patel Rakesh, Dubey S. K, Pathak K.K.

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